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Hiyo, I'm May 👋🏾

An energetic visual and product designer nurturing startups to efficiently launch their MVP products and brands with the speed of a sprout in spring.


Design, to me, is like tending to a vibrant garden of collaboration, where I plant seeds of creativity with amazing partners! Here's what they say about our work together:

"May was very thorough in her user research and skilled at understanding the requirements of the design problem. "
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Pablo S.

Full-Stack Engineer, Two Sigma Data Clinic

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"Collaborating with May on TunedRun, my iOS app for runners, was an absolute joy! She's not just a designer; she's a creative wizard. May effortlessly turned my fuzzy ideas into a beautiful and user-friendly experience. "
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Ari F.

Sr. Software Engineer, Magic

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"May is an organizational Swiss Army knife. She is phenomenal at creating order out of chaos and keeping projects on track, all while using her creative gifts to beautify and streamline everything visual around her."
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Adam S.

COO, Addressable

"I am so grateful to have worked with May during her time at Doximity. Her warm personality and great listening skills make her a thoughtful, inclusive leader and will benefit any workplace that invests in her."
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Félix Manuel C., MD

Dir. Health Equity & Inclusion Strategy, Doximity

"I cannot say enough positive things about May. Her thirst for knowledge and desire to find and share efficiencies improved the overall workflow of our team significantly."
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Krystyn C.

Marketing Manager, Doximity

"Not only is May one of the warmest and most thoughtful coworkers I was lucky enough to partner with, she is incredibly talented with a keen eye for detail, and displays a natural ability to translate complex concepts and data into visually appealing layouts."
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Josh S.

Client Services Manager, Doximity

"May is a must-have on any team.
Her passion for people and design shines through everything she does– from happily welcoming people into the office to the thoughtfully curated flow of the office space."
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Will R.

Lead Sales Development, Gigster

My process for designing
user-centered interfaces


Synthesizing business needs with gathered data and user insights to precisely articulate the problem or opportunity, laying the foundation for the subsequent stages of the design process.


Gathering and analyzing data from target users to gain insights into their needs, preferences, and behaviors, guiding the design and development of products or services that meet their requirements effectively.


Ideating and creating potential solutions based on the insights gathered during the research phase, with the aim of addressing the defined problem and fulfilling user needs.


Testing and evaluating the designed solutions with real users to ensure they effectively meet their needs and expectations before final implementation.

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