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Grown as an Admin,
Blooming as a Designer

When I graduated college, my dream was to become a receptionist. Yup. Just a receptionist.

I knew I had always loved interior design (because of Sims), organizing literally ANYTHING (like my best friend’s DVD collection alphabetically) so that things are generally more efficient and I loved hosting events, ensuring positive experiences for all guests (because filipinos throw parties constantly). I believed that with those skills, I’d have a strong chance of landing an entry role in tech with this title.

In 2017, my dream came true as an Office manager at Gigster which 2 years later turned into a marketing position. But as happy as I was in those roles, I knew I was hungry for something more challenging. At the time, I was offered a position as a Chief of Staff with an ex-coworker of mine who was building his team from the ground up. I grew tremendously in this 16 person startup as the first female on the leadership team managing HR, DEIB initiatives and strategic cross-functional projects.

Once the pandemic hit, I (like everyone else) was forced to reevaluate the kind of work that really brought me joy because the future was so unknown and life is too short. After a year at the startup, I joined the great resignation in 2021 to soul search for 3 months in Portugal.

Enter design.
With some reflecting, I recognized that design had always been a part of my life. From being an illustrator at an early age, composing the flow of an office space, crafting a brand story, designing efficiencies in HR tasks to my recent experience as a presentation designer.. I’ve always thrived using my creativity, maximizing Gestalt Psychology, color theory and cognitive science.

Now, I want to focus this energy into designing early stage products that will make it easier for app users to have the same experiences that I’ve curated as an office manager long ago: aesthetic spaces, efficient flows, and overall a delightful experience.

Greetings, fellow plant parents and design green thumbs! I'm May, your organic product designer, nurturing pixel-perfect user interfaces like they're delicate roses. 🌹

Once a Visual Designer, Chief of Staff, and Marketing Project Manager, I've transplanted myself into the world of self-starting design, cross-pollinating ideas across design, product, and front-end engineering teams. With 8 years of Silicon Valley sunshine, I've sprouted in fields like healthcare, Saas, direct mail marketing, crypto, and cyber security.

Just like a well-cultivated garden, my experience has blossomed, and now I'm ready to cultivate designs that grow into something truly extraordinary!

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2 years in Design
2 years in Marketing
4 years in People Ops
8 years total working in tech

Current location

Kailua, Hawaii